Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Disputes are a natural part of everyday life for business owners, and it’s easy to assume they just come with the territory. Commercial disputes can arise for almost any reason and under any circumstances. While they were traditionally resolved in a courtroom, it is clear that things are now shifting in a different direction. Alternative methods of settling conflict are welcomed by business owners and promote cost-effective solutions that benefit all parties involved.

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What options do I have to avoid going to court?

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program was officially established by the Federal Election Commission to foster settlement techniques that occur outside of the courtroom. ADR is both faster and cheaper than going to trial and often creates resolutions that are favorable for everyone.

There are three common ADR strategies used today:

    • Binding arbitration: Similar to a trial, a neutral person referred to as an arbitrator listens to arguments and evidence presented by both sides and then decides on an outcome. Binding arbitration means that neither party can appeal the arbitrator’s decision.
    • Non-binding arbitration: The process is the same as binding arbitration, but gives parties the right to request a trial if they do not agree with the arbitrator’s final decision.
    • Mediation: The mediator involved is a neutral person who attempts to guide both parties toward a mutually satisfactory outcome. The mediator simply helps everyone involved communicate and reach a resolution on their own.

Because commercial disputes often occur between individuals with a close relationship, such as business partners, ADR is extremely effective and fosters the strengths of both parties rather than weaknesses.

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