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Most people assume that their insurance companies are there to help them, unaware that there is an unspoken self-interest for them not to pay claims. Whether an insurance company changes an amount due on a bill, offers an amount smaller than expected on a claim, or simply does not offer any support, there are numerous ways they may try to avoid paying a customer. Do not fall victim to “bad faith” insurance during a time when you need help more than anything. If you feel you are getting shorted, contact us today at Cohen Law.

Grounds for Disputing an Insurance Claim

Refuting an offer given by your insurance company is not unheard of, and it is certainly possible to win a case with professional help. We have years of experience dealing with insurance disputes that allow us to catch common ways that insurance companies may violate policies and regulations, including:

  • Misrepresentation of a policy: If your insurance company has not upheld the specifics of your policy correctly, or if they have changed it without your notice, they have committed a violation.
  • Denial without reason: If inadequate reasoning behind denying your claim was given, or if proper evidence for denial is lacking, your insurance company may have violated your policy.
  • Inadequate response time: One of the most common ways to dispute an insurance claim arises out of a slow response time from the company, who has an obligation to acknowledge and begin processing any claims within a reasonable timeframe, typically 15 days.

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If you’re in the greater Miami area and feel that you have reason to dispute a decision made by your insurance company – whether it is automotive, life, or any other coverage – you need help from a trained professional with nearly a decade of experience. We will dedicate our time to finding any and all faults your insurance company may have made, all with the utmost level of professionalism.

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